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soXos Strike6.1 Combo 6S / Yellow

soXos Strike6.1 Combo 6S / Yellow
soXos Strike6.1 Combo 6S / YellowsoXos Strike6.1 Combo 6S / YellowsoXos Strike6.1 Combo 6S / YellowsoXos Strike6.1 Combo 6S / YellowsoXos Strike6.1 Combo 6S / YellowsoXos Strike6.1 Combo 6S / Yellow
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Article description

soXos Strike6.1

«The Power of Passion!»

The new soXos Strike 6.1!

As the little brother of the popular Strike 7.1, it was developed specially for pilots who are looking for a precise and maneuverable alternative to the 700 class. With its slim design and high-quality workmanship, the Strike 6.1 offers a cost-effective option for pilots who do not want to sacrifice performance and quality. The Strike 6.1 can be flown with 6S or up to 12S batteries. The different colored hoods, which also include the matching colored rotor blades, round off the helicopter.

Experience the ultimate flying experience now with the new soXos Strike 6.1!

The Strike 6.1 is offered in a kit and a combo version. In addition to the kit with a colored canopy, the kit includes the matching-colored rotor blades. Available colors are: yellow, orange, green, red, white, blue and pink. Midi servos can also be installed with the optional adapter set (6085).

The combo version also comes with 3 swashplate servos 1st ST-3010MG and a tail servo 1st ST-3015MG, the brushless outrunner motor 1st 4125-1100kV (matching the included motor pinion) and the Hobbywing Platinum V4 120A speed controller. You only need a stabilizer (flybarless) system, receiver and the flight battery.

Kit contents:
- soXos Strike 6.1 Kit
- 16t motor pinion
- Battery plate
- Aluminium servo arms suitable for all common servo types
- Canopy matt in the colour of your choice
- Main rotor blades 1st-RC 600mm
- Tail rotor blades 1st-RC 95mm
- ESC: Hobbywing 120A V4
- Motor: 1st 4125-1100
- Swashplate servos 3pcs.: 1st ST-3010MG
- Tail servo: 1st ST-3015MG
- Instructions

Recommended components: (not included in the KIT)
- Flybarless system
- 6s battery 4'500 - 6'500mAh (maximum drive battery size: width 62mm, height 68mm, length 350mm)
- Transmitter-receiver

Gear ratios:  (Pinion are available for 6mm/8mm motor shafts)
- 15 teeth: 10.06
- 16 teeth:   9.43 (included in kit)
- 17 teeth:   8.87
- 18 teeth:   8.38
- 19 teeth:   7.94

Technical description

- Weight of the mechanics without RC components & rotor blades: approx. 1,795g.
- Main rotor diameter: approx. 1,365 mm with 600mm rotor blades
- Rotor blade length: 580 - 600mm
- Tail rotor blade length: 95mm
- Tail speed: 1: 5.05
- Main gear ratios: 7.94 - 10.06 (9.43 included in the kit)
- Motor pinions are compatible with for 6mm and 8mm motor shafts
- Maximum size of the motor: Ø 63mm, height 58mm, motor shaft length from 20mm to- 56mm
- Maximum dimension of the drive battery: width 62mm, height 68mm, length 350mm
- Total lenght: 1,240mm
- Height: 330mm

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