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ManiaX LiPo 12S 5100mAh 44.4V 70C

ManiaX LiPo 12S 5100mAh 44.4V 70C
Article Number MP-5100-12-70
Ready for shipping
Price CHF 299.90 incl. 7.7% Vat

ManiaX LiPo:
Maximum performance at a fair price!
ManiaX LiPos are used by successful pilots in the hobby and competition!

- Low internal resistance
- High voltage under full load
- Cycle-resistant and storage stable
- Low heating even under full load
- Consistent discharge of all cells
- 100% quality

Technical data:
- Continous discharge: 70C
- Weight: 1700g
- Dimensions LxWxH: 310 x 48 x 54mm
- Cable length: 12cm
- Cable with: 10AWG
- Discharge connector: AS150 connector

- Charge the batteries only with a LiPo charger!
- Don’t discharge < 3V or overcharche > 4.2V per cell.
- Don’t damage and do not open. Risk of fire!
- Don’t charge / discharge unattended. Risk of fire!
- The manufacturer / seller assumes no liability in dealing with batteries!

- 1x ManiaX LiPo 12S 5100mAh 44.4V 70C with AS150 connector

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