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Team Pilots


The Pilots:

Raquel Bellot

Country: Spain

Year of birth: 1987

Pilot type: 3D Style

Flying since: 2003

Your Statement about the soXos:
"The helicopter is quick and easy to build. The Quality of the materials is great. In flight, the soXos is agile, light and precise. He has an exellent response in any kind of maneuver."

- 3D Cup 2015 France - 1. Place Nightflying
- Helichallenge 2017 - 2. Place Music Freestyle
- Helidatil 2017 - 1. Place 3D Competition


Miguel Bonilla

Country: Spain

Year of birth: 1978

Pilot type: 3D

Your Statement about the soXos:
"The frame construction is made of a single piece of CNC machined aluminium. The light and stiff soXos gives me unparalleled rigidity and agility.

- Open Spain 2012 - 13. Place
- Bulls 2016 - 7. Place
- Helimanjacos 2015 - 4. Place


Adrian Adnan

Country: Malaysia

Year of birth: 1985

Pilot type: 3D, Smack, Competition

Flying since: 2008

Your Statement about the soXos:
"After testing the mechanic for some months, I found it reliable and easy to maintain. The soXos feels light and precise in hard maneuvers.

- Korean F3N 2014 1. Place
- Thailand Heli Blowout 2016 3. Place
- Global3D Venlo 2016


Stefan Finster

Country: Austria

Year of birth: 1992

Pilot type 3D Showpilot

Flying since: 2009

Your Statement about the soXos:
"The soXos has the perfect balance between power and weight. I can fly the durable and stiff mechanic in every weather condition.

Due to my studyies I never had time to compete in competitions


Lilian Many

Country: France

Year of birth: 2006

Pilot type: 3D

Flying since: 2012

Your Statement about the soXos:
"The soXos flyes very precise throught every maneuver. The helicopter is easy to build and fast to repair."

- 3D Cup 2013 1. Place Sport Class
- 3D Cup 2014 13. Platz Expert Class
- Global3D 2016 16. Platz Expert Class


Marius Blöchinger

Country: Germany

Year of birth: 2001

Pilot type: Music Competition, Smacker, Technical 3D

Flying since: 2015

Your Statement about the soXos:
"It is a smooth-running mechanic with many technical features. The soXos helicopter is very agile and precise in direction changes."

- Helichallenge Music Freestyle Competition


Yan Mueller

Country: Switzerland

Year of birth: 1995

Pilot type: 3D Competition, Smack

Flying since: 2013

Your Statement about the soXos:
"I love the soXos because it is a strong, light and durabhle mechanic. The soXos flyes precise and is in case of a crash easy to repair."

- 3D Championship UK 2017 5. Place Champions Class
- Orlando Heli Blowout 2017 1. Place Night Flying
- Helichallenge 2018 3. Place Music Freestyle


Marc Planzer

Country: Switzerland

Year of birth: 1995

Pilot type: Smacker

Flying since: 2010

Your Statement about the soXos:
"What I like most, is the wear-free and at the same time very precise tail linkage. Furthermore, I like the one-piece milled aluminum main frame. "

- No competitions


Thomas Haitzmann Heli-Professional Team Pilot

Thomas Haitzmann

Show Pilot

Year of Birth:1994
RC Helis since:2012


Transmitter:Spektrum DX7s
Simulator:AeroFly RC7, Phoenix, Real Flight

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